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Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Is there a standard for biometrics? - Industrie standards für biometrische Systeme?

So far almost any biometric device handles the captured data by its own way.
This means even if two manufacturers use the same sensor and the same algorithm, they most probably use different data formats. This a disadvantage for propagation of a technology.

But it is a advantage for you as a user. Because all your biometric attributes are unique. So far only companies that asked for your biometrics got it, but as soon there will be standards, also such data can be copied and traded. And everyone knowing your digital fingerprint pattern can identify you from them without you r knowledge. So you can no longer hide. And much worse, because it is biometrics you can't change any attribute like a password (think of changing iris pattern or face geometry - impossible).

Efforts for biomtetric standards:
- FIDO Fast identity online (Google, Paypal, Lenovo)
- IREX (by iris scan

types of biometrics:
- fingerprint
- face geometry
- voice
- iris and retina
- hand venes
- palm geometry$
- signature
- brain waves

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